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(This game was made before the previous one uploaded here, "Dragon Dreams: Christmas Nightmare", but I only recently started using itch.io, so now that some updates are done, I figured I'd put this one here too!)

A mysterious dark power lurks within the nearby temple grounds, locked up out of reach. Inhabitants of the world have already begun being taken, killed, or turned into beasts. It's up to you, a traveler from another land, the only remaining one fit and brave enough for the task, to find a way in and put a stop to this before all is lost!

This game is clearly heavily inspired by The Legend of Zelda (specifically the first one) in various ways.
Explore the world as best you can with the abilities you have at the time, to find treasures and new abilities, defeat monsters, and find some way to access the Temple grounds to save the land!

Thank you for checking out my game, I hope you enjoy!

Install instructions

Simply unzip, and run the EXE file contained within the folder!


Version 1.5.3 22 MB

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